The WBL-Q project will provide an online self-evaluation and stress-test tool for companies involved in work-based learning, which they can use to estimate the quality of their WBL system and how future-proof it is. The project will provide profound quality indicators, benchmarks and future megatrends, which will all influence the outcome of the self-evaluation and which will be based on EQAVET building blocks. Users of the free online tool receive a status report and recommendations for potential improvement measures and see how they scored in relation to other companies of similar size and background. If successful, users are provided with a certificate and badge, which they can use to promote their WBL offers. To further support these professionals in implementing improvement measures, a handbook will be developed.

Project website: https://www.wbl-quality.eu

The WBL-Q project partners, who are seven partner organisations from Austria, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Hungary, will develop three main outputs:

  1. Investigation and Quality Criteria Study
  2. Self-evaluation and stress test tool
  3. Handbook: Ensuring Quality in Workbased Learning – Self Evaluation and Continuous Improvement


  • Investigation and Quality Criteria Study
  • Download the study here: https://www.wbl-quality.eu/research-study/


    Kick-off meeting (online)

    The project has been officially kicked-off in an online partner meeting on November 10th & 11th 2020. For some partners it was a pleasant reunion and new partners were warmly welcomed by the well-established partnership.

    Second Meeting (online)

    The WBL-Q partnership met for the second time in a virtual context to discuss the current state of the project.

    Our Investigation Study Report is almost ready for publication and we are excited to start developing the online Self-Assessment Tool that allows an quality evaluation of WBL processes in companies by responsible persons.

    Third meeting – Bilbao (mixed)

    On September 30th and October 1st 2021, the partnership met in Bilbao (Spain) for their third partner meeting in a hybrid setting (two partners joined via Zoom). Together, they worked in-depth on finalising the questions for the WBL quality self-assessment tool, discussed about relevant megatrends, and agreed upon the structure for the handbook.

    Project Partners

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