The WBL-Q project will provide an online self-evaluation and stress-test tool for companies involved in work-based learning, which they can use to estimate the quality of their WBL system and how future-proof it is. The project will provide profound quality indicators, benchmarks and future megatrends, which will all influence the outcome of the self-evaluation and which will be based on EQAVET building blocks. Users of the free online tool receive a status report and recommendations for potential improvement measures and see how they scored in relation to other companies of similar size and background. If successful, users are provided with a certificate and badge, which they can use to promote their WBL offers. To further support these professionals in implementing improvement measures, a handbook will be developed.

The WBL-Q project partners, who are seven partner organizations from Austria, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Hungary, will develop three main outputs:

  1. Investigation and Quality Criteria Study
  2. Self-evaluation and stress test tool
  3. Handbook: Ensuring Quality in Work-based Learning – Self Evaluation and Continuous Improvement